Airline Baggage Fees

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$3.8 Billion Dollars!
That’s approximately how much US Airlines Made on Baggage Fees in 2015 – Approximately $3.8 Billion dollars in just baggage fees is what the US airlines made in 2015. This does not include the $3 Billion extra that the airlines collected in reservation cancellation fees alone.

The top earner was AA/US Combined as they racked up a total of $1,125,846 in baggage fees in 2015 according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. View Report


Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Schedule P-1.2
Note: American and US Airways began combined reporting with 3Q 2015 data.
For 1990-2015 data, see Schedule P1.2, 39062 – Property – Passenger Baggage Fees,

Know Airline Baggage Fees Before you Travel

On most airlines, your first checked baggage can range from $20 – $100 on domestic flights depending on the airline. But the fees don’t stop there! If you check in a checked bag that is over the allowable weight limit, you’ll get hit with overweight fees that can quickly add up into the hundreds. Some airlines allow you to check your first and second bag for free while others charge you extra for carrying a carry-on.

Don’t get caught off guard when checking your bags at the airport. Prior to your trip, make sure you read the airline baggage fees and policy page carefully and if you have any questions, contact the airlines directly for clarification. It’s also a good idea to carry with you a compact Luggage Scale so you can easily and quickly weigh each luggage before you hit the airport. That way, you know exactly what your total luggage weight is and don’t end up paying the added fees at the checked bag counter. Even the added weight from packing souvenirs for your return flight can easily put your luggage weight over the allowable limit and costing you more money.

Below is a list of Major US Airlines Baggage Fees and Policies:

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees
American Airlines Baggage Fees
Delta Airlines Baggage Fees
Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fees
JetBlue Airlines Baggage Fees
Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees
Southwest Airlines Baggage Fees
United Airlines Baggage Fees
Virgin America Baggage Fees

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